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Welcome to Comparative Health Data ™

Panacea’s Comparative Health Data™ system is the nation’s first, easy-to-use and cost efficient solution for hospitals or consultants to develop unlimited customized peer comparison groups and valuable cost, pricing, payer negotiated rates, utilization, and other coding and compliance benchmarks and reports. Groups and benchmarks can be derived within seconds via the web from a database of more than 5,000 hospitals and 600,000 free-standing labs, imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers, medical offices and more.

NEW FEATURE: The newest feature added to Comparative Health Data™ includes RateAnalyzer™, the nation’s premier source for cleansed negotiated rate data from publicly available machine-readable files. Calculate your negotiated rate position in the market and build unlimited peer groups to run negotiated rate comparative reports for all billing codes and major health plans and payers.

With the Comparative Health Data™ system you will be able to compare…

  • Hospital unit costs and prices to any single or group of hospitals nationwide
  • Cleansed payer negotiated rates across all major health plans and payers for inpatient and outpatient services
  • Hospital ancillary charges to Free Standing Medical Office or Facility charges
  • Room & Board rates and prices at the HCPCS/CPT level
  • Charge-to-cost mark-up factors for Medical Supplies, Implants, Operating Room and Drugs
  • Coding & Pricing patterns
  • Utilization Differences
  • And much more

You can export reports to Excel. And, our Comparative Health Data system easily creates and shares files with our other synergistic modules. For example if you create a customized peer group utilizing our Comparative Health Data system you will also be able to establish new prices using our Hospital Zero-Base Pricing or Physician Pricing modules incorporating your new customized peer group without even having to upload the peer group file. It is seamless.

The Comparative Health Data™ system is just one module within Panacea’s comprehensive chargemaster coding, compliance and pricing suite found at

Visit to find out about the additional synergistic modules listed below and services available. suite includes:

  • Coding & Compliance Module
  • Coding & Revenue Library & Alerts
  • Pharmacy Modules ( &
  • CDM Synchronization for Health Systems
  • Hospital Zero-Base Pricing
  • Physician Pricing
  • Consulting Services

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